(S) The Biggest Race Ever

October 19, 2007


This weekend’s race at Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Ameri- you get the idea, will be the biggest race of the season, if not ever! Three guys are in the running to win the World Driver’s Championship. Kimi Raikkonen is no doubt the under dog, with the biggest mountain to scale. With 7 points behind the champion leader he has the tallest order. However, he is still as cool as any Iceman should be and is approaching the race as he does with any race: to win!! I hope he does it and gets the Championship. I know it will be tough, but he can do it. Qualifying on Saturday will be crazy, as it usually is. I am quite beside myself with excitement! Then there is the race itself. Anyone who tries to predict what will happen is on crack! We will all just have to wait and see! What Alonso and Hamilton? I don’t care about them, that’s why I won’t mention them! (even though I just did!)


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