(S) Kimi and the gravel trap

October 9, 2007

Kimi win

The first real grin I got as I watched the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend was when Kimi was suddenly 0.8 seconds behind Lewis right before the round of pit stops. The grin evolved into a smile when Kimi finally passed Lewis. To be totally honest, it was more like drifting by him than anything else. But the fact that he was overtaking Lewis, gave me a fuzzy feeling inside. And then soon after that I did something i am quite embarassed about, in retrospect. i jumped up and down like a little girl when Lewis beached his car in the gravel.

Can you blame me? Here was the chance Kimi needed to win the championship. And what am I supposed to do? Feel sorry for Hamilton? I think not. I was happy. I was ecstatic. but I quickly told myself not celebrate in somebody else’s devastation. But then Kimi has been there too many damn times. Half of the time when Kimi is in line to win a race, the car disintegrates right before our eyes.

I can’t say I feel sorry for Lewis, because I really don’t. That’s because I feel great for Kimi. And this is sports. Some guy wins and all the other poor buggers lose. That’s it. You can’t have two winners. Then it wouldn’t be sports. It would be consensual sex!! I don’t care about the others. All that I am focussed on is my driver’s victory. Everything else secondary. That’s my single-minded and heartless approach to being a true fan. When Alonso screwed up in qualifying at Spa, guess who was jumping up and down like a little girl? That was also because I was freshly angry at McLaren using Ferarri data!

So I will be approaching the next race with that the same attitude. I don’t care what happens – as long as Kimi wins. That’s all that matters!!


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