(WK) Lets all get dronk!

October 19, 2007


Its friday and that means one thing and one thing only: all that alcoholic behaviour we have been surpressing all week can now be let loose. In the wise words of the Black Space -Age Digital Dream a.ka. Black Space -Age Digital Dream: if you are not going to get drunk in a nice way, don’t get drunk at all!!


(S) Bokke!

October 19, 2007


Kick ass Springboks. Kick lots of posterior ! Besides, England is about at useless as…umm…airbags on tri-cycles!…….. Whatever!. Anyway, go South Africa bring the trophy home!!!

(S) The Biggest Race Ever

October 19, 2007


This weekend’s race at Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Ameri- you get the idea, will be the biggest race of the season, if not ever! Three guys are in the running to win the World Driver’s Championship. Kimi Raikkonen is no doubt the under dog, with the biggest mountain to scale. With 7 points behind the champion leader he has the tallest order. However, he is still as cool as any Iceman should be and is approaching the race as he does with any race: to win!! I hope he does it and gets the Championship. I know it will be tough, but he can do it. Qualifying on Saturday will be crazy, as it usually is. I am quite beside myself with excitement! Then there is the race itself. Anyone who tries to predict what will happen is on crack! We will all just have to wait and see! What Alonso and Hamilton? I don’t care about them, that’s why I won’t mention them! (even though I just did!)

(M) RIP Lucky!!

October 19, 2007


Its really fecked up when you are driving to work and you hear that a music legend has been shot down dropping his kid off at home! I mean what kind of an idiot hijacker shoots Lucky Dube? If HE can get shot down, what about everyone else? You would think that once the knuckleheads realise that the person they are jacking is Lucky Dube they would at least put the guns away, you know? It’s a sad day!


I have never been a huge Lucky Dube fan or anything, but I always appreciated and respected what he did. I knew he was making a difference not just around here but all over the world. May he rest in peace!


This sh!t really needs to stop!!!

(P) Gavin-rine?

October 19, 2007


You know you are doing well for yourself when you get a chance to direct the Wolverine movie, or any movie at that scale. That’s exactly what Gavin Hood, the acclaimed director of the highly pirated, Oscar-winning flick, Tsotsi. More props to him! I am sure the movie will be rocking. Even if it isn’t I don’t care, Gavin still would have accomplished a lot. South African film makers are doing big things!

(M) Go HHP!!!

October 19, 2007


South African Hip Hop Mega Supa Dupa Star double h p has been nominated for a MTV Europe Music Award in the best African category. Yes that’s right, MTV thinks H is one of the best Africans, even better than Nelson!! Anyway, good on him. Freshly Ground were also nominated in the same category and won. So we hope history repeats itself and HHP gets the win. Homie has come a long way and he deserves it! So good on ya big guy! Bring back the win


I am in the process of completing the world’s most important task – watching and completly absorbing the movie 300 (more like 3000!) I am up to the point where our hero kicks the dumb Persian into the bottom-less pit because he called his chick a hoe! Ok not really, but he might as well have!! I am watching the DVD and yeah it really isn’t as cool as the soul-blowing experience it was watching it in the movie theatre. Nothing ever is I suppose. But it still is great.

Great action, great cgi, great story, great acting and great dolphins! What more could you ask for!!